More than ever, it is about solidarity in our society. 
A coexistence instead of higher, faster, further at the expense of others. Showing consideration and questioning one's own selfishness.


Develop a striking visual statement as a sign of solidarity for our society and send in a jpg (150 dpi) in A3 and/or animated version and a square version (1.080 x 1.080 Pixel) for an instagram post (see more information).


Submissions can be uploaded until 31st of May  here (read information first).

From now on we will exhibit the entries on instagram and after the self-isolation is over there will be an offline exhibition of a selection of your submissions. 

Formats:  .jpg with 150dpi, DIN A3. Uploaded images may not be larger than 3MB
and/or animated version and a square version (1.080 x 1.080 Pixel) for an 
instagram post.
Important: upload as .zip, with a text file containing your full name, email, insta, citiy, country (read above information first).


Of course, this cannot be enough. The lived solidarity, is demanded by us daily anew and cannot be compensated by a poster appeal. Rather, the publication of the entries should remind us and others what it takes to create a functioning and liveable society: solidarity. 

A project by

Köln International School of Design
Prof. Iris Utikal, Prof. Michael Gais

supported by:
Prof. Johannes Bergerhausen,  HS Mainz
Prof. Heribert Birnbach, Folkwang Universität der Künste
Prof. Lars Harmsen, FH Dortmund
Prof. Ilka Helmig, FH Aachen
Prof. Wilfried Korfmacher, HS Düsseldorf
Prof. Alessio Leonardi, HAWK
Prof. Armin Lindauer, HS Mannheim
Prof. Franziska Morlok, FH Potsdam
Prof. Gudrun Müller, HS Augsburg
Prof. Rüdiger Quass von Deyen, MSD
Prof. Gerwin Schmidt,  ABK Stuttgart
Prof. Erich Schölz, FHWS Würzburg
Prof. David Skopec, UDK Berlin

slanted, Julia Kahl